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photoThank you for stopping by our website! We pray that our website greets you with warmth and provides the information you are seeking. We are a church known for our love for God and people. Springs of Living Water Church of Restoration is a place of worship and we believe that all the gifts of the Holy Spirit are at work in the Church today! We invite you to join us for a Sunday Worship Service or midweek Bible Study so that you can experience first-hand who we are and what we believe. Located in La Plata, MD, we know that a church alive is truly worth the drive

Welcome New Members

Michelle Hines!
We want to thank you for your decision to join our family!

Bishop Caleb Wanjala

Acts 2: 1-4 NIV, Judge 15:13-15 NIV, John 14:6-14 NIV, John 14:18 NIV

Pentecost: A christian holiday in which we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit (40 days after Resurrection)

When chains are broken, God give you the power and strength to overcome your enemies After the filling of the Holy Spirit, people will expect to see fruit.

Who is the Holy Spirit? The third person in the God-head (trinity).

1.Our helper; the spirit of God who dwells in gods children and helps us to speak truth

The spirit of God will convict you; you can feel when something is not right, you can feel when the anointing is not flowing. The Spirit of God is like a sensor

2. The Holy Spirit is also our comforter who lives within us when we embrace righteousness and holiness a true friend will correct in wisdom and rebuke in love

if we embrace righteousness and holiness, we will see and experience a great move of God

3. Our Advocate: He speaks on our behalf when we cannot speak for ourselves

4. Counselor: (John 14:15-16 NIV)

If you want the Spirit of God to move in your life, you have to have patience. Relax and allow God to fight for you God cannot command a blessing where there is no unity a wandering soul will never be blessed

In order for the Spirit of God to fill us, we must have peace in our minds. Peace brings life

What happens when the Spirit of God comes upon us?

1. the atmosphere changes (people will he amazed, you have and attract peace)

2. our speech will change: we will no longer continue to murmur and complain. We will become optimistic and speak life, we give hope to others, we will give encouragement

monitoring spirits (Demons): The primary job is to block and to bring calamity. The Holy Spirit gives the power to pray and speak in an unknown tongue that our enemy cannot comprehend

3. We receive power if you get caught up chasing miracles, you will miss God-head If you have the Spirit of God, miracles are just surplus

The Spirit of God will tell us who we are and what power and authority we have we have power of sickness and disease, depression and calamity

Who is eligible to receive the Spirit of God

1. anyone who is a believer and a follower of Jesus Christ

2. anyone willing to love God and willing to obey His commandmnets

3. anyone who is willing to wait

a Spirit-filled believer...

1. repentant (the Spirit of God will always convict us)

2. forgiving

3. devoted to God's work and has a passion to serve God

4. teachable (they have a teachable spirit)

5. Has fellowship and shares their possessions

6. worship God-head

7. has a united mind and will always work in unity

Welcome 06.10.17 - FIRST CAR WASH of 2017 starting at 9 AM!
We NEED VOLUNTEERS! We also need donation of supplies. See Minister Lisa to donate or signup to volunteer. Please give her your availability on that day.

07.09.17- Battle of the Newbies Bake Off/Cook Off!!
Join us for the battle of the newbies bake-off/cook-off directly following service. See Minister Lisa to signup or for more information

07.21.17 - 07.23.17- Springs 17th Church Anniversary Services
Come join us, Friday July 21 - Worsip night, Saturday July 22nd - Church picnic, Sunday July 23rd - Worship Service