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photoThank you for stopping by our website! We pray that our website greets you with warmth and provides the information you are seeking. We are a church known for our love for God and people. Springs of Living Water Church of Restoration is a place of worship and we believe that all the gifts of the Holy Spirit are at work in the Church today! We invite you to join us for a Sunday Worship Service or midweek Bible Study so that you can experience first-hand who we are and what we believe. Located in La Plata, MD, we know that a church alive is truly worth the drive

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Michelle Hines!
We want to thank you for your decision to join our family!

Pastor Joseph Jimerson

Colossians 3:15 – 4:1

Christian Relationships Inside and Outside of Church

Colossians is written for Christian believers, not non-believers! The peace of Christ guides believers in making decisions - 1. Is it consistent with the fact that the believer and Christ are now at peace and on the same side. WWJD? 2. Will it leave a believer with a deep and abiding peace in their heart These are two (2) great deterrents for sin in a believer’s life As a true believer, if you are in sin or committing a SINFUL act. It should bother you and you should not be at peace If you want to be at peace, you have to be walking by the fruits of the Spirit Not every Christian is spiritually mature- Maturity does not necessary correlate with time: there could be a 20 year Christian who still requires time to mature Before every activity, ask 1. Is the peace of Christ present in the congregate 2. Will this promote knowledge in the word of Christ Having knowledge in the word of Christ, it should generate emotion. The word of God should find you somewhere, sometime Some portions of the New Testament, were originally hymn songs in the early church Precious Lord, All is Well, Is Your All on the Altar – are expressions of the greatness of God God gave very 2 simple rules for marriage, but we have made it complicated. If we follow these rules, we will have a very happy marriage and relationship. If we violate these rules, we will have misery in our marriage 1. Wives submit to your husband 2. Husbands love your wives Greatest need for a wife is to feel loved by her husband, above anyone or anything else except God Greatest need for a husband is to Feel The husband and wife relationship requires both to work together. When the husband is receiving direction and instruction from the Lord, it is easy for the wife to submit to her husband The presumption here (v.20) Christian parents – who are seeking the spiritually welfare of the child God is talking about a Christian home with 2 parents: a Mother and a Father sometimes we are guilty of placing unreasonable demands on our children We are ambassadors for Christ and should always look for opportunities to tell others what God has done for us! God will provide us with opportunities to witness to others We are judged for everything we do in this body. We are forgiven by the Blood of Jesus We are ALL ambassadors for Christ: whether we are an employee or employer, parent or child, husband or wife We should strive to look the same inside and outside of church. It should be our desire to be more like Christ each day James 1:12