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Pastors Joseph and La Tanya Jimerson

 Springs of Living Water Church of Restoration is an "end-time" ministry. "Love is the main ingredient to our faith." 

Our service is contemporary in style, "young people" friendly, yet it is orderly.  It is charismatic but not chaotic.  We are a "full gospel" church and ascribe to the acension gifts(5-Fold Ministry) as rendered in Ephesians 4.  We believe that all of the gifts are alive and working in the New Testament Church.

We, the leadership purpose to walk in integrity in accordance to the call that rests upon our lives. We don't profess to have attained perfection, but being perfected is our goal. We are committed and submitted to the Holy Spirit having His way in and through us, making us vessels meet for His use.

We are spiritually covered by The Covenant Ministries of Restoration, Inc. where Apostles Gregory and Junie Kelley are the Chief governing authorities.  The main ingredient is their influence and encouragement to walk in love, together.  For more information about the covenant, please do not hesitate to call or click on the link provided through this website.  Grace and Peace.