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Springs of Living Water Ministy Request Form



Ministry Gift of:


Pastor/Teacher Joseph Jimerson Pastor/Prophet La Tanya Jimerson
God's Prophetic Dance Ministry SOLW Praise Warriors (Praise & Worship Team)

Type of Ministry Requested: Preach/Teach Conduct Worship Praise and Worship



General Information:

Personal Information:

Pastor(s) name





Contact Name

Contact Phone

Alternate Phone


Occasion/ Theme: Object of Service:
Mode of Dress: Casual Semi-Formal Formal Church Attire Other
DATE AND TIME OF EVENT(S): please email ministry itinerary if possible to admin@solw.org

Travel Accomodations/Arrangements: We ask that the Church/Ministry receiving the requested gift from the Lord be responsible for their travel and lodging.

Honorarium Method: Love Offering Honorarium/Stipend Other None
* On occasion special circumstances warrent the Pastors to minister with out an honorarium. Please contact the Administrator to give more specifics on your ministries/church's circumstances. These will be approved on a case by case basis.

Springs of Living Water Ministries Inc,
101 Catalpa Dr.
La Plata, MD
Phone: 301-934-2526
FAX: 301-934-0271

EMAIL: admin@solw.org