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Pastor JoeElder Joseph H Jimerson - Senior Pastor

Joseph Jimerson is the Senior Pastor and the Co-founder of Springs of Living Water Ministries, Inc. He is the husband of La Tanya Jimerson and they share a marriage of over 40 years and four biological children: Joseph, Lanaya, Leah and Lana. Pastor Joe is the Adult Sunday School teacher which is his passion. He also has a special bent toward the diaconate as well as Men's Ministry. He is a laid back type of personality, but his fraternity (Kappa Alpha Psi) dubbed him accurately: They called him Quiet Storm... you better believe it! 

Overseer La TanyaElder La Tanya Jimerson - Executive Pastor

La Tanya Jimerson is the Executive Pastor and Co-founder of Springs of Living Water Ministries, Inc.  She is the wife of over 40 years of Joseph, the Senior Pastor.  She serves as the Prophetic Voice for SOLW.  She is recently the Apostolic Regional Coordinator - North  for the Covenant Ministries of Restoration, Inc. under the authority of her spiritual parents, Apostles Gregory and Junie Kelley. She recently began Kenya ministries, having a new school there titled Springs of Living Water Acadamy


Elder Jerry Elder Jerry Ramsey

Elder Jerry believes that being the Priest of his household (one wife, Lanaya, two son's Michael and J.R., and a daughter Vashti) is his first ministry. As a servant-leader, Elder-Elect Jerry has taken on many roles at Springs of Living Water Church. He is the Chief Deacon, head of the Finance team, leader of the Transportation ministry, overseer of all Cleaning teams, Leader of the Budgeting and Finance class, a Praise and Worship leader and a member of the Board of Directors. He is currently in the process of developing a Men's Purity class for both married and single men. He is a member of the Board of Directors and a preacher at heart! His desire for future ministry is to lead an Ambassadors of Christ School of Evangelism at Springs and to continue to reach out to the youth.

Elder Lanaya Elder Lanaya Ramsey

Elder Lanaya believes that her ministry starts with her family: her husband—Jerry, her two sons—Michael and J.R., and daughter—Vashti. Her desire to be pleasing in the sight of God by serving in His kingdom has caused her to lead and be apart of various ministries throughout Springs of Living Water Church. To name a few, Lanaya serves as Chief Adjutant of the Adjutants Core, Co-leader of the Praise and Worship Team, Overseer of Children's Church/AWANA, and the New Members class facilitator. Elder Lanaya is also on the Board of Directors and is the Head of the Anniversary Committee. If there is one thing she would want people to know about her, it is that she desires to be an extravagant worshiper of our God. She was named Cheif of Staff in 2016 putting her right under the pastors.

Elder Stella Elder Estella Banks

Elder Estella Banks came to Springs in June 2008. She moved to Maryland from Ohio because she felt the Lord was calling her to join the ministry. Currently, she is apart of the Adjutants Corp, Prayer Team, Drama Ministry, and the Cleaning Team. In her former ministry, she was an Adjutant, Administrative Assistant, Facilitator, and Intercessor.

Elder Keith Elder Keith Simms

EE Leah Elder Leah Onuoha

Elder Leah works in the ministry alongside her husband, Elder Tobe Onuoha. They have two children, Micah and Ariana. She is the Head of the Drama Ministry, the in-house Playwright, Co-leader of the Praise and Worship team, Deputy-Chair for the Anniversary Committee and Head of the Senior High/Junior High ministry. She is also actively involved in the Young Adult ministry, the Women’s ministry, AWANA/Children’s Church, the Media Ministry and a regular “fill in” for other departments. She is passionate about abstinence and purity among youth, young adults, and singles alike. She has founded two abstinence programs at SOLW: Abstinence August, and the Sanctified & Single Conference. Min. Leah sits on the Board of Directors for SOLW and thoroughly enjoys preaching the Word of God! She desires to be a worker for the Lord that never stops learning, growing, or serving others.

EE Tobe Elder Tobe (Tobechi) Onuoha

Elder Tobe is happily married to Elder-Elect Leah Onuoha and the father of Micah and Arianna Onoaha. He is the Minister of Music at Springs and acts as the in-house music composer and arranger. He has written several original songs that the SOLW Praise Warriors and the Drama Ministry sing. Before joining Springs, he studied Music at the University of Pittsburgh and was a keyboardist at various Redeemed Church of God churches in Pennsylvania. He is Nigerian and very proud of his heritage! He and his wife produce musicals via the Drama Ministry through their productions company called T.L.O. His dream is to have a Fine Arts school, production company, and ministry that he and his wife can work at full-time. Min. Tobe is also in charge of Computer Support and Media Training. He is an active member of the Men’s Ministry, Sunday School teaching and the church cleaning ministry. He just Recently Left his job to serve the lord through T.L.O Productions.


deacon Dorinda Deacon Dorinda Hunter

Deacon Dorinda Hunter is a newly wed. She married Deacon Curtis Hunter on June 11, 2011. She has gained much of her ministry experience from being a single mother of five children, a grandmother of seventeen grandchildren and a greatgrandmother to one. She came to Springs nine years ago seeking a ministry that was authentic, loving, and “time enough” to keep her grounded. Over the years, she has become extremely involved in the ministry. She is the leader of God’s Prophetic Dancers, co-leader of the Prayer Team, an intercessor, the hospitality committee, anniversary committe, and a cleaning team leader. Deacon Dorinda has over 20 years of medical experience in her passion—taking care of the elderly. She is currently pursuing her Nursing degree but in her spare time she enjoys decorating for church functions and other special events.

deacon Curtis Deacon Curtis Hunter

deacon shawnell Deacon Shawnell Sallis

Deacon Shawnelle Sallis – Deacon Shawnelle has been a member of Springs since 2003. She serves as a member on the Deaconate Board, a member on the Praise and Worship team, Co-leader of the Sunday Morning Intercessory Prayer team, a Team member on the Adjutants Corp, a member on the Springs Cleaning Team. Deacon Shawnelle truly believes that God is a redeemer of time.

Deacon Jerome Deacon Jerome Battle

Deacon Jerome joined Springs in 2008. He is apart of the Ministerial Staff, Transportation Ministry, Media Ministry and the Adjutants Corp. At his former ministry, he was active in the ministry and played a huge role in the Transportation Ministry. He has a servant’s heart that leads him to help at various church functions and events at Springs. Deacon Jerome is a faithful attendee of Intercessory Prayer, Bible study, Sunday School and the School of Ministry. Truly, truly he loves the Lord!

Deacon Pops Deacon Alton Brown

Deacon Alton Brown is a servant-leader by nature. His humble demeanor, fatherly disposition and joyous spirit has coined him “Pops” to all those that know him. He was ordained a deacon at his former ministry, Warriors for Christ; later, he was affirmed as a deacon shortly after joining Springs. He and his late wife have two sons, two daughters, ten grandkids, and two great grandkids. He truly loves his family but he loves Jesus more! He serves as Pastor Joseph Jimerson’s chief armor bearer and an intercessor. He’s an active Men’s Ministry member and appears in SOLW’s annual Christmas musicals.

deacon Lana Deacon Lana Jarvis

Deacon Lana is happily married to Brother Juma Jarvis.They recently Had a baby girl Named Imani Joi Jarvis. She is the current Sparkies Director (AWANA) and a Sunday School teacher for the Primary class. She is also actively involved in God’s Prophetic Dance ministry, Young Adult ministry, the Women’s ministry, Adjutant team, AWANA/Children Church, finance team, the church Cleaning Teams and a regular “fill in” for other departments. In 2009, DIT Lana was invited to be a Board member at Springs. She enjoys ministering through dance and has a heart to serve.

DIT Tammy Deacon Tammy Thomas

Deacon Tammy Thomas first came to Springs in December 2009 heart broken and just messed up. She's grateful God lead her to a church that could build her up through stern discipline in "love". Tammy is a devoted mother of two sons Anthony Sherman Jr. And Freddie McIlwain III. She currently serves on the Usher Board Ministry, a member of the Dance Ministry, serves on the Cleaning Team, a member of the Prayer Team and is a Sunday school teacher over the primary class. Tammy also helps out in other ministries when ever needed it. Tammy is so excited for what God is doing in her life and continually looking forward to what God has in store for Springs.

DIT Lavida Deacon Lavida Brotherson


minister margaret Minister Margaret Payne

Minister Margaret Payne has been in ministry for almost 20 years. Although she is originally from New York, upon moving to Maryland she joined Warriors for Christ Ministries and soon became an active leader. She was an administrator for the Pastor, an intercessor, a choir member, the Assistant Treasurer, a Cell leader, and a member of the video team. She also managed a transitional housing program for men, called the Robert J. Fuller House. After the tragic death of her former Pastor, Minister Margaret was led to join Springs in 2006. Since that time, she has played an active role as an intercessor, armor bearer, administrator and board member and has participated in the Drama ministry, Children’s Church ministry, and on the Finance Team. Above all else, Minister Margaret seeks to please the Holy Spirit and kick the devil’s butt!

minister margaret Minister Darlene Wright

Minister Darlene Wright came to Springs in January 2007, after serving faithfully for five years at another ministry. Since joining Springs, she has been actively involved in the Doorkeepers Ministry, Adjutant Corp and Children’s Ministry. She has been called as an end-time intercessor and she has a burden for children.

Minister Burdetta Thomas

Minister Burdetta came to the Springs family when her former church disbanded. She served 13 years working faithfully alongside the leadership of her former church. During those years, she was an intercessor, armor bearer, praise and worship leader and bible study teacher. Trusting God to lead her to the next stop in her journey, MIT Burdetta prayed for God to lead her to a church where the people had a sincere heart for the things of God. God answered and led her to Springs. Since joining Springs, MIT Burdetta has become a part of the Doorkeepers Ministry, Adjutants Corps and the Comfort Ministry. She looks forward to several years of productive and effective ministry at Springs.

Minister Alexandra Smith

Minister Alex is newly wed to minister James Smith. She is a Praise and Worship leader, head of the Young Adult ministry, member of the Dance Team, and member of the Prayer Team. She is also involved in the Junior High/Senior High ministry and loves working with the children as head of the Cubies (AWANA) ministry and a Sunday School teacher for the Primary class. You can also often spot Min. Alex in a starring role in Spring’s semi-annual Drama productions.

Minister Diane Lowery

Min. Diane Lowery came to Springs in 2010, she has been in minster for over twelve years, she thanks God for leading her to Springs where the word of God is being taught. Diane is a devoted mother of two childern Tammy Thomas and Gary Thomas (Jermaine). She currently serves on the usher board ministry, cleaning team, the revolution prayer line, and she's a sunday school teacher. Diane also serves on the the Sunday morning intercessory prayer team. Diane is so greatful to God for allowing her to use her gifts in this house, her main focus is on the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Minister James Smith

Minister James Smith is happily married to Alex Smith and is a worshiper at heart, he is a dedicated member of the Praise and Worship team. He also serves as in intercessor, Children’s Church teacher, and occasionally writes for the church’s newsletter. Currently, he is matriculating in his studies at Delaware State University as a Psychology major. Nonetheless, he is determined not to let his distance from home stop him from growing in ministry as he travels the East Coast ministering with the school’s gospel choir, as well as being actively involved in worship services on campus, sponsored by the choir. Though seemingly quiet and relaxed, James is truly on fire for God. His ultimate goal is to have God use him in extraordinary ways, achieving the “greater works” that Jesus Christ promised the Church would accomplish. Hungry for God’s glory, James lives knowing that 99 and a half won’t do!

Minister Lisa Thompson

Minister Lisa has been a member of Springs since 2007. She is a committed wife and mother to four children: Ayanna, Aliyah,Little Bill and Joshua. She is the Media Director, the intercessory prayer team, the anniversary committe, a childrens church teacher, and is the web site administrator. Minister Lisa's desire is to be pleasing to God in all that she does.

Minister Tammy Jones

Minister Tammy Jones is a proud mother of two girls and five boys and the grandmother of eight. She came to Springs in December of 2009, where she currently serves on the Adjutant Core, Security Team, Children Ministry, Intercessor, Leader over Prophetic Step/Mime Team, and the Anniversary Committee. Trusting God to order her footsteps in any direction he takes her. She thanks God for allowing her to have leaders who serve God with their whole heart.

MIT Wilnetta Thomas