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Adjutant Core

Adjutants Core Mission Statement

Adjutants in practice are the senior leader’s hands in motion. We serve to lead and are inspired to serve.

The main function of one who is designated as an armor bearer (i.e. adjutant) is that of service . . . for the biblical armor bearer was much more than a hired hand. An armor bearer was a person who undoubtedly spent many years, if not one’s entire life, in the leader’s service.Terry Nance


About Adjutants Core

Here at Springs of Living Water we use the more senior term of Adjutant because an Adjutant signifies that you serve not just anyone but our senior leadership staff. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be called upon to serve others but our general responsibilities are as such.

An Adjutant is called by God to serve and help the assigned leader in life, ministry, and especially in the fight of faith. In essence, an Adjutant is called to attend to, minister to, care for, help, and be of use, assist, benefit, promote, support, make easy for, nourish, and encourage their leader.

Adjutants are not elected but are volunteers from our church who are in good standing, who tithe, and who love the church and the leadership. Not every Adjutant will serve the same but make no mistake every member of the core is vital to the success of the goal of transforming lives.


Requirements to Joining the Adjutants Core:

Must provide strength for the leader

Must have a deep-down sense of respect for the leader, and acceptance for and tolerance of, the leader’s personality and their way of doing things

Must instinctively understand the leader’s thoughts

Must walk in agreement with and submission to the leader

Must make the advancement of the leader the most important goal

Must possess endless strength so as to thrust, press and force their way onward without giving way under harsh treatment

Must follow directives immediately and correctly

Must be a support to the leader

Must be an effective communicator.

Must have a disposition that will eagerly gain victories for the leader

Must have the ability to minister strength and courage to the leader

Adjutant appointments must be confirmed by our Pastors.


For more information or to join contact: Elder-Elect Lanaya Ramsey

Phone: 240-210-0957

Email: lanaya.ramsey@solw.org